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Party! Party! Party! and Events!

Cruzin' Critters presentations are not only educational, but they are amazingly interactive. They involve 10-12 exotic animals.

The kids of all ages, adults too, are encouraged to get involved in handling, touching, experiencing, and learning all about the animals throughout the presentation.

Wildlife educator

Coming soon. She has been out training, feeding, cleaning and loving on the critters.


Questions about the programs we offer? Reach out to us today, we’re happy to help.

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Exceeding Your Expectations

My Sunday was a GREAT Funday!! _Morning


This is one of our most popular programs available.

We will bring the WILD to your party!

One type of animal is brought out at a time to ensure control is maintained. Please keep in mind the less children that are involved in the presentation, the more interaction each child will get.

Having said that, at birthday events, if you are planning for a larger number of children, the birthday child and siblings will be singled out for special experiences with certain animals.

Festivals & Special events

We want kids of all ages to be able to experience our amazing presentations so if you have a special request, please reach out and we will work with your event to figure out what works best with you and the critters!
We enjoy educating all that we can going from story time to Vacation Bible schools to retirement homes to  a weekend town festival! Give us a call (209) 568~9453

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